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Commander Tag and Squadmember Disappearence Issue in Lake Doric after Patch

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Since the Patch on Tuesday people running in the Leather Farm Squads in Lake Doric have been experience glitches in the way of Commanders and Squad members being falsely displayed in their game. This also applies to the Minimap location. The bug seems to place people in a stuck or different current location then they actually are. At some point this glitch can revert so that Commanders or Squad members seem to have teleported right next to you. I have made two Clips of this happening to the leading commander. While he later said in chat that he has always been with the bulk of the Squad, he sometimes got displayed in random passed locations and later reappeared with the squad. Sadly, I was unable to capture the exact reappearances. However, they can be seen on the minimap.

First Position Jump:https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuKrJVD1XqcLyswsnqqOZzDf0pKvHQ

Second Position Jumphttps://1drv.ms/v/s!AuKrJVD1XqcLyswrpOVEH2RhE6fbhQ

Both Clips have been taken on Wensday in the evening.The first time i noticed this bug was on Tuesday after the patch. I was commanding a squad and multiple members were telling me of the bug, while I was not experiencing it.

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