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[NA] LFGuild> Black Gate - Casual, Returning Player


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Hi , Jerome

While I'm not sure whether or not our age demographic is a fit for you, you might find our guild worth looking at.

Just us Grown ups [JUGs] is a friendly, easy-going and drama-free guild which caters to the older gamer.

  • Over 200 members on the Jade Quarry server.
  • A personal Teamspeak3 server
  • A fully upgraded guild
  • A feature-rich website.
  • Our guild is comprised mostly of players who are over 30 years old or older, that are friendly, easy to get along with, and enjoy the low-key atmosphere of being in a more mature guild.
  • We have a fairly even balance of both men and women (actually, I think the men are outnumbered) and quite a few husband and wife teams as well.
  • We are a guild that runs on the voice and opinions of our members. How the guild progresses is decided by you.

Our members regularly get together for events, dungeon, fractal and farming runs; Whichever activity you’d like to do, it shouldn't be hard to find guild-mates to run along with you. Our website makes it easy to organize events of your own.

Our guild is suitable for both veteran and non-veteran players and we encourage those with more experience to share their knowledge with those who might need help or advice with the game.

We do ask that you only represent our guild while you’re a member and won’t get uptight if every once in a while you pop into a friend’s or specialized guild (e.g. TTS).

While we strive to be an active guild, we are open to casual gamers who may only be able to log in every now and then. Real life always comes first at our guild and we understand that sometimes you just can’t find the free time to play; we’ll be here when you can.

We are a Guild Wars 2 guild and will always remain so; we’re looking for players who are into the game for the long haul as well.

If we sound like we’re the guild for you, feel free to fill out an application on our website: http://jugs-guild.com or contact me or any of our officers in-game and they’ll shoot you an invite.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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