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NA DH guardian looking for Raiding guild


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Hi All,

Looking for a raiding guild to join. I play daily EST 7-10 pm, more on weekends. Don't have any experience but am a good learner. I've played Elder Scrolls Online and have extensive raiding experience - meaning I understand how to learn mechanics, do dps rotations and stay alive. I've already started working on my rotations using Snowcrows - i've hit max 23.5 k dps consistently with full exotic gear/weapons and ascended trinkets (no food or mighty infusions) with the right buffs.

If the above interests you - I'll be interested to join.

Let me know.


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Hey there SVGN is currently looking to fill our 2nd static group and welcome all players. We start raid @8pm Est on Sundays and Wednesday and finish around 10/10:30 so your timing sounds well with us. You can PM me in game at Rojay.1726 or through our discord at https://discord.gg/XwJrw6C if interested.


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