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These days LFG for almost everything is empty except if it is PoF.There are times that you open the LFG and you see there is a group of 7 people in Verdant Brink and going for night events. or a group with 2 people in Honor of the waves dungon. You go "Cool" I'll join before map is full. you join them and WP to the place just to find out, event is finished and group is disbanded and those few guys are the remaining AFK of the group.

Other case that happens to me a lot is I see a squad doing Tangled or dragon stand meta and you join them but the listing was from 20 minutes ago and the map is locked for new players.

  • Having a Date/Time tag on the Group listing will allow me and other players to know if this is a fresh event worth joining or it is a remainder of a disbanded group that are gathering their stuff to leave.
  • Also if it is possible please remove multiple groups that are related for example HoT and just make 2 groups of Living world S3 and HoT. most of the times current groups are all empty and only one event in all 7 map is going on.
  • One more thing is nice to have, but I don't think Anet have the ability to do it, is, as soon as a map become full, all squads posting on that map get removed from the list.
  • Please add an icon to posing and let squad choose what it would be, for example, a group that is going to do Triple trouble, can get TT icon automatically suggested or changed by squad to Doing "World Bosses".
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