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[EU][PvE, WvW] Variden [BV] - a small, but friendly Far Shiverpeaks guild looking for new members


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Who are we?Variden is a small guild that started back in 2008 in GW1. We are currently looking for members that are willing to join us in WvW on Far Shiverpeaks. We are mostly roaming and taking camps. Also, we spend lots of time in PvE and PvP. We do not require you to play everyday or represent the guild all the time. We're a bunch of friends playing together, willing to teach and learn. If you're a casual or new player, feel free to contact us!

What do we expect of you?-playing of Far Shiverpeaks world (we do not mind if you are on different one and change to FS when you will be able able)-be mature and open minded-represent the guild while playing WvW-helping with Guild Hall uppgrades is not necessary but it's a plus :)

What do we have that you might like?-there are just a few of us, which makes it much easier for us and you to get to know each other-some of us play daily, some of us play rarely. Both are welcome in the guild.-friendly atmosphere all day long!-we are always happy to help if you are a new player

Whisper or send mail to us! :relieved:olveyn.2894 and lockeddeath.7604

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