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Why doesn't Veilrender have Viper's selectable?


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Soulbeast's Fang of Mokèlé, Renegade's Guerilla Arc, Firebrand's Expurgation, Scourge's Guide for the Lost, even Weaver's Warpblade, all of these Ascended weapons let you select Viper's, some of them even allow you to pick PoF's Grieving stats set. Why is Veilrender the exception with its exclusively core game stats? For that matter why is it Carrion, Rabid and Dire, why isn't Rampager on there, at least? Which Mirage trait interacts with Toughness or Vitality? It is literally the only PoF elite specialisation that caters to a condition build with an Ascended weapon without Viper's as an option. This seems strangely deliberate in its inconsistency, or is it an oversight that will be changed in the future?

I know you can change the stats in the Forge, but that destroys the appearance and more importantly requires additional resources that other specialisations don't need to spend.

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