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Mesmer Confounding Suggestions stun hits mid dodge roll


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This is not a new bug at all, it's been in the game a long time but I feel like making a thread about it now since the trait is now more popular on new Mesmer builds.

Here's an example of the bug (warning contains swear words) : https://clips.twitch.tv/CarefulSpunkyAntelopeTwitchRPG

As you can see he dodges, the endurance is removed from his dodge bar and the animation plays but the Mesmer stun hits while he's evading and interrupts his dodge.

I think it's caused by the daze landing just before you dodge and then it changing into a stun after you begin dodging, however I feel like sometimes I get this even when I've dodged before the daze and it still hits me so I'm not really sure.

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