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EU - No rep raid guild looking for members for static team


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We're an English speaking EU no rep raid guild looking for a few more members to raid with. To begin with we aim to work on clearing the first 4 wings, and progressing to wing 5 a bit later.We're looking for friendly people who have some raid experience but want to find a group to do their best to clear the wings.You must be able to clear all except the last bosses in the first 4 wings (Killproof if possible), and around 75li preferred.
TS is mandatory, and ideally you'd speak on it.

We need:3 DPS (A power and condi class required)1 Chronotank or druid pusher1 Chrono dps

We will test people on the golem to check dps and buff uptime on allies, if successful then move onto a trial run in raids.

Raids are every Monday 8pm CET. We really want people who can commit to join most weeks and be on time.

Swearing is okay, but toxicity isnt.

Feel free to mail or message in game for more info.blahdeblah.7536 or Rhythian.8160

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