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PvE Guild - Anthophila [BEES] NA, Small guild looking for social members, 18+, No rep req.


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Guild Name: Anthophila (BEES)

Time Zone: EST, However we have people from all over.

TLDR; Small guild (~32 members) looking for players who want to help grow a guild and make new friends. Check us out here.

Focus: Provide a social atmosphere for players to ask for help/find groups and work together. The game can be much more fun when you have others to enjoy it with. We would really just like to create an atmosphere of people who want to be friends and look forward to playing together. Therefore, we prefer to keep the guild somewhat small to encourage people actually getting to know each other.

Notes: We are mostly a PVE guild, however some members like doing PvP and WvW. We dont have a guild team for those, but if we get people interested in those things we can absolutely work on that. We do have a discord, mic chat is not necessary. We have people of various ages and from around the world in our guild as well.

Rules: Don't be rude, 18+ is preferred to allow members to talk about whatever, LGBT+ friendly, no rep req, but rep is preferred.

If interested: Whisper or mail Apinae.3015 or shiggy.3052. You can also check out our website!

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