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Questions about GW2 Partnering


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Hey there folks and/or Anet staff,

I am rather confused about the GW2 partner program. Mainly regarding my best friend rather. She does a weekly comic about GW2 for some years now and is activily sharing it with the community and all that jazz. Very active person indeed. We've been thinking long and hard if the GW2 partner program applies and if she should try. After some time and evaluation of those who are partners already, we decided to go for it.

Now we never got an answer (it was around Fall last year) and we just took the assumption that weekly comics just arent enough. I feel like giving up is not an option though. What do you guys think? What do you need to dish out in the art sector to be strong enough for a GW2 Partnership?

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I'm assuming your friend applied for a creative partnership, not a technical partnership? (I believe the forms are the same; however, just being clear.)

I think it's probably pretty obvious that the people who manage this get tons of apps all the time since it's open to everyone, and it's understandable that they don't reach back out to everyone. In your case, I'd suggest what I would to any artist in any situation - continue building a portfolio (especially one that's easy to parse through). It's not just for applying, but for the general audiences as well.

Good luck!

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