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LFG Returing player on Aurora Glade (Raids, PVX, fractals, semi-hardcore, CET +1)


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Hi All,

I'm 26 and a returning player (6 months AFK) looking for a guild that can guide me into the end-game content, Raids and higher level Fractals. I have done some of the easier Raids and fractals back when I was active but never got a chance to dig into the real hardcore end game content. I play between 8PM and 11PM CET and random times throughout the weekend.

I remember most of the websites and ways to navigate builds for specific tasks but would need guidance as things have changed a bit. I believe in pitching up "Raid Ready" and before the time as I don't want to waste other peoples game time, we here to play not build. I might ask a few noob questions while getting back in but should pick up fast.

I am looking for a positive and happy guild that focus on Raiding but has fun and participates in all the other content such as Fractals, Dungeons, Festivals and from time to time story. I'm happy with any VoIP platform and prefer an active VoIP guild as this is where you build friendships (good communication is important for good Raids :wink: )

P.S Why was the Strawberry late for work ?.... it was in a Jam !

Looking forward to Raiding with you soon.

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