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[LFG] - [AU/NZ/SEA/LATE NA] - WvW - PvP - Casual Friendly - Mature - Coms


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Hey all,

Returned to the game after a 5 year break, bought the game played for two weeks then moved to Australia so essentially i'm a new player.Anywho i'm after a guild to run with for WvW and PvP stuff, keen to learn more about pvp and have some shenanigans and fun along the wayHappy to swap servers for the right guild (currently on mags)I play main Thief and currently doing WvW to get HP and build my gear up and map completion cause I want that starAfter a SEA/AU or Late NA based guild so there is decent activity during our prime timeMust be ok with a casual player, life and wife take up lots of my time, i do try to get one once a night for an hour or twoHappy for it to be a multigaming guild, i also play Overwatch & PUBG on the sidePrefer a mature guild that uses coms, being in my 30's i'm done dealing with whiny teenagers.

You can post here or msg me in game on shadowlinder.2548

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