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Current PVP system for Anet's attention


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**For the attention of Anet, I Am a veteran player in the pvp, have plays 8909 game, and think that it can express my opinion, and wait that some manager of anet could answer to the post.

1 º - To forgive my bad of English level for if there is something written erroneously**I believe that in the paragraph of pvp anet is committing a series of mistakes with the implementation of the expansions and little margin of features that we have from the change. We have noticed that now the whole world goes Put, that is to say, all the equal one, at most it changes a feature, but everything the others equally, rune, trait, sigils. We have small Builds's diversity that they could be good to be able to play of viable form.

2 º what I describe later are runes and Amulets that are not used for anything in pvp. You they should throw a glimpse and solve it or make All these Runes viable with more diversity of builds they are not used, It would Be nice that you them were doing a change, because many runes and always the same ones are used.

         Rune of Air, Rune of Altruism, Rune Of Divinity, Rune od Dwayna, Rune of Earth, Rune of Fire, Rune of Grent, Rune of Ice, Rune infiltration, Rune ofleadership, Rune of Lyssa, Rune of Melandru, Rune of Orr, Rune of Radiance, Rune of Rage, Rune of rata Sum, Rune of Sanctuary, Rune of Speed, Rune of the Afflicted, Rune of the Berserker, Rune of the Centaur, Rune of the Chonomancer, Rune of the Daredevil, Rune of the Dolyak, Rune of the Eagle, Rune of the Elementalist, Rune Of The Enginner, Rune of the Fighter, Rune of The Firebrand, Rune of the Flock, Rune of the Forge, Rune of the Grove, Rune of the Guardian, Rune of the Herald, Rune of Mad King, Rune of the Monk, Rune of the Necromancer, Rune of the Nightmare, Rune of the Ranger, Rune of the Revenant, Rune of the Scrapper, Rune of Soldier, Rune of the Sunless, Rune of the Svanir, Rune of the Thief, Rune of Warrior, Rune of the Water, Rune of the Wurm, Rune of Thorns, Rune of Evasion, Rune of Resistance, Rune of the Druid, Rune of the Reaper, Rune of the Tempest           Amulet.

Assassin Amulet, Barbarian Amulet, Cavalier Amulet, Deadshot Amulet, Destroyer Amulet, Diviner Amulet, Grieving Amulet, Harrier Amulet, Knight Amulet, Marshal Amulet, Rabid Amulet, Rampager Amulet, Seeker Amulet, Sinister Amulet, Swashuckler Amulet, Viper Amulet, Wanderer Amulet.

In my opinion it was necessary to implement more features in order that the pvp does not fall down any more in the oblivion since it is happening and it is not a clubbing button and more rapid the one that it does desire the combat. I put two examples in images on the implementation of traits.


3 º. The System of points of league, it is a nonsense. It is based on an algorithm that does not exist where seeing it to know the points that it assigns and removes. Supposedly due to the statistics of the item, thing that is not probable. Items that you have all the statistics or almost all. They give you for example 14 points. And in others that you have died 6 times give you 10 points. The same thing when they take them from you. You lose the item 495 to 500. They take 12 from you. You lose 100 to 500 they take 10 from you. He needs a rigorous review.

4 º. Not to be able to play with your friends at the hour that they want in way ranked in groups of 3 or more persons an enormous failure. The tilts are in the specific hours, the people I want to play with his friends when it wants, it does not have why to wait at the moment of tilt. I would like that Anet was answering to the post to know his opinion in the matter. Thank you very much. And I repeat sit it for the English low level.

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