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Returning player looking for a guild EU


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Hi all,

I recently returned to the game played true HoT and PoF and am now looking into doing more stuff the game has to offer dungeons wvw.Wich are more fun to do with a guild in a friendly and rexlaxed enviroment.My main is a Necromancer but i play some other classes too i am quite noobisch when it comes down to dungeons and stuff.

you can always wisper me ingame i'm playing on Far Shiverpeaks atm don't really know if that matters

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Hi there Stranger,

If you are looking for a more casual yet active guild. Take time to consider[sOUL]

You can find most of the information about us under this link: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/30413/soul-na-casual-active-pvx-seeking-vets-and-new-players#latest

If you would like to apply for the guild membership please fill an application form on our website at: http://psr.shivtr.com/

If you wish to be given even more information you can get in touch with myself either in game or via forums.

Praise Joko!

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