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(PvX) [FC] Foxy Vixens [FOXY] New Guild just started and want like minded people!

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I just made the guild today and looking for like-minded people to play with. I'm tired of playing with people who never talk. I love voice chat and that is why I want to use it more often for in-game chat and when people just wanna talk.looking for New, Vets, Comebackers, everyoneREQUIREMENTS

  1. 21+ I don't care much for some Call Of Duty smackdown in my servers and guilds
  2. guild events are a must so represent and work for the cause
  3. help guildmates (that's what guilds are for)
  4. have a sense of humor

I have a DISCORD server were guildmates can CHAT and share cool memes.I want to main raids, fractals, and dungwith a hint of PvP for good taste

if this sounds like a guild for you then get a hold of me either here, discord, or in game

discordLingerieVigilanty#9646GW2mrslothington. 5890

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Hello Mrslothington!

I'm a casual player returning after a long absence...who only really has experience with map completion, world bosses, and that's about it.In the past, admittedly, I was always an on and off player. However, I've recently been inspired to try for my first legendaries...so I guess you could say essentially I'mNooB-ish? ^^;

I've also, never chatted with anyone else on the game before (and it's probably a good idea that I start doing that, because I'm not the best at typing either) ^^;I'm very open to doing that now though, and use the game in part for the social context it's supposed to provide. ^^

So basically, what I'm getting at is, if you guys don't mind showing a NooB-ish guy the ropes of things beyond map completion, I'd be more than happy to join and help however I can.

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