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[EU] Silent Voices recruiting active and friendly players !


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Hello everyone,

We're a PvE guild, that has a great friend/family like atmosphere and we're looking to expand our circle a little bit more. We do fractals/dungeons together and if enough people show interest we could start training for raids and such. :3We don't use any TS-like programs and everything happens in the guild chat.Everyone is welcome, whether you're an experienced veteran player or a newbie, we'll help each other however we can !If you're intested, don't be afraid to mail/message one of us !

Xeneth. 9260Antlers.5671

Looking forward to see you in-game ~!

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Hi there! I'm already in a guild, but looking for another one that does Fractals. I don't use voice chat, and prefer in game chat instead. A little bit more information available in the post I made recently.


I like small guilds, like the one I'm already in. What times do you guys play?

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