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[EU] [Couples] New, casual, friendly & fun guild. (PvE, PvP)


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Hello heroes of Tyria!

We are a gaming couple. You are looking for a guild. Together we will raise our own guild for friends.

What is the fuss about? I and my girlfriend have founded a guild Plush Masters [PluM] (pun intended =)) on Seafarer's Rest world. We would like to have a small guild with about 20 members, so there is enough players to do dungeons, guild quests, ask questions, do events, PvE, PvP etc. Guild quests and dungeons require ~5 people so we should be able to make a party. In future we will make a discord server so we set times for group plays. If you are a couple and a casual player and simple enjoy the game from time to time, we probably share the same idea! As we will be quite small, you'll have a big word on what we will be doing with our guild (guild hall choosing, upgrades, ...). Casual player means playing about ~2-4 days a week with sessions ranging from 30 min to 3 hours.. No pressure on you, if you will have tough week/month in your real life, just tell (in game / discord) us you are not quitting and it will be fine ;)

We are looking forward to enjoy this gorgeous game together!

Have a nice day,couple of PluM

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