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Victory or Death, Mouth of Zhaitan crash

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After defeating the Mouth of Zhaitan and watching a cinematic, my game disconnects and takes me to character selection.When re-entering the world, no mission data is saved and I have to start from "Locate Caithe"Game crashes again after defeating Zhaitan

Character: Ariadne Thornclaw, lvl 80 Charr ranger1920*1080 full screen, set to best appearance

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I ended up just trying EVERY suggestion to make it work, and it finally did.Checkpoints in instances would be A HUGE SOURCE OF RELIEF

Via this post

  • Repair your client. This takes 5-30 minutes, depending mostly on your hard drive speed.
  • Clear out the Cache.
  • Tone down your graphics to the barest minimum, including turning off things like light adaption & best texture filters. Turn on things like effect LoD.
  • Change your resolution (use windowed full screen or full screen at a lower resolution than your monitor)
  • Turn off all sounds from the game.
  • If possible, do the story with someone else who can start the instance and literally turn off your monitor before the cutscene. (Sounds improbable, but this is how we got my friend through the LS2 instance. Turned out he had a hardware problem that only showed severe symptoms in GW2. Having us run the game and turning off the monitor allowed his machine to stay just calm enough that it could survive a few more minutes... and it crashed after instead of during.)
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