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Suggestion: Mystic Forge to change bag properties

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There are lots of different kinds of bags (basic, craftsman, oiled, invisible, etc.). I would like to see Mystic Forge recipes that let us convert a bag to a different type. For the bags that aren't soul bound or account bound, this isn't particularly important since you can buy/sell on the TP. But for the bound bags, you're stuck. What brings this to mind at the moment is that I did the Lasting Bonds collection for the 32-slot bag, but since it's one of those "special" type bags, it doesn't fit in with the way I manage my inventory. Since it's account bound, I either have to put it on the shelf or change my inventory habits. To be able to change this awesome bag to the "vanilla" variety, perhaps in a way similar to how we change stats on ascended gear, would be awesome. While on the topic, a way to change the ones that are soul-bound-on-use back to account bound would also be cool.

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