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[EU] Returning player looking for relaxed-ish, adult-ish, pve-ish guild


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So I pre purchased GW2 before launch, got one level 80, 100% core map completion... then mostly stopped playing. Then about a week ago I reinstalled GW2 to see what's up, and someone riding a giant rabbit ported to the waypoint i was at! I decided i MUST have it so I bought both HoT and PoF.I now have all mounts except the Griphon, did the bits of living story that are available and working towards 100% PoF maps. Haven't touched HoF at all yet, although I did unlock all of Chronomancer on my lvl 80. Don't have all of Mirage yet, need more hero points.

This is probably the wrong place for me to look for a guild, because I'm not looking for one of the large, organized ones. But let's see what happens. And now to explain the ISH-es:

Relaxed-ish: I'm looking to do the 5 man content, including the old dungeons no one does any more :) I missed most of them on launch. Also guild events etc. But I'm not looking to do that on a schedule, I just want to hang around with like minded people and occasionally go die in a dungeon/fractal. I don't want forced builds (though I do need advice and I'm willing to take it) and I don't want to be pressured to use cash shop consumables.

Adult-ish: I'm 41 so I'd rather play with people that have jobs. Also I'm not looking for a family friendly guild chat, there's a difference between talking dirty and being insulting and I'd rather have the former.

Pve-ish: ISH because I'm mainly interested in PvE, but I wouldn't mind doing some WvW. Not sure about the arenas, the groups are small enough to have a lot of toxicity.

One more thing: being constantly on voice chat pisses me off. Too much immersion It's a fucking game, keep the voice chat for talking to your family. I have Discord/Skype/whatever you want but I prefer text chat, ingame or somewhere else.

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Hey,If you're still looking for a guild the Laughing Llamas [LOL] might be the right fit for you. We are a military owned and operated guild with leos and civilians also (myself being a civi). Because of that background we are not a family friendly guild, as in friendly banter/trash talking, strong language and crude/dark humor are all commonplace. However we are respectful of each other’s personal life choices. Everyone in our guild is mid 20s and up, we all have jobs and understand that real life takes precedence.

Although I know you said you're more interested in casual play, we do follow a schedule, but there are free days and we help out our members if they want to do something else. I think you're game style would fit in with ours. We schedule WvW, PvP nights, fractal runs, HP/bounty trains, and we do dungeons but that's not a scheduled event. Our main form of communication, outside of game, is discord, but we don't require anyone to be on voice chat; it does, however, help when coordinating missions. If you want to know more look up our recruitment forum post or whisper/mail me in game for more details.

-Podge, LOL Guild Officer

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