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LFG or just relaxed friendly players: PvP some PvE (casual player, EmBay).


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I'm looking for a guild or even just friendly people to play with. I just got into Pvp (conquest) in the last 2 seasons. Currently in Gold I. Pvp for me is just for fun. I always try my best and look for ways to keep improving. Looking for other players that are relaxed with no drama. I'm a casual player so a hardcore serious guild is not for me. On weekdays I'll pvp a few matches and a bit more on weekend as time permits. I mostly play guardian (main)/ranger/mesmer.

I am also interested in some PvE (living world, hearts/map complete, dungeons, fractals (completed up to level 13) and of course collecting nice armor and weapon skins). I am happy to help other players and am looking for a group that does the same.

Mostly looking for friendly, no drama players that are respectful and mature. I've been playing GW2 for about a year.
MST time zone.

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Hi there Stranger,

If you are looking for a more casual yet active guild. Take time to consider[sOUL]

You can find most of the information about us under this link: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/30413/soul-na-casual-active-pvx-seeking-vets-and-new-players#latest

If you would like to apply for the guild membership please fill an application form on our website at: http://psr.shivtr.com/

If you wish to be given even more information you can get in touch with myself either in game or via forums.

Praise Joko!

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Hi Rykovv, we are a casual guild of adults with a specialty in no drama! One of our fundamental practices is teamwork. We work together to help others reach their goals in game. We are PvE focused, but we have a few members that PvP and WvW, but that is not our specialty. We have members across the US, but our busiest times are nights and weekends, as you might expect. We run fractal groups almost nightly and lately we have been doing dungeons every weekend. We also do open world events like PoF bounties and world bosses.

If you would like to learn more about Tyrs Paladium, you can click here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/27147/na-tyrs-tyrs-paladium-is-hiring-the-30-70-year-olds-guild

If you are interested in signing up, then please go to tyrspaladium.shivtr.com

You will need to create a Shiv forum account to gain access:Click GW2 in the upper left to select the Guild Wars 2 ChapterClick APPLY in the upper rightComplete the Application

We look forward to hearing from you!

Auro, Officer Tyrs Paladium

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Hiya! I'm so excited because you seem to have a GREAT attitude about having fun and helping others... which is what the guild I'm in is all about!

I'm part of the Remnants of Hope [HOPE] and I think you could settle in very easily with us! We have very active forums, teamspeak and group events almost every day of the week, including boss trains, meta events, dungeons, fractals... pretty much anything you could want to do in-game, we have people who do it and would welcome you! And the overall attitude in our community is fantastic. They're patient, fun, and knowledgeable. I just did my first raid last week, and everyone was SO chill and cared far more about having a good time and learning together than being a perfectly-running machine. Our fractals folks and regular PvPers are all super nice and while they're skilled at their preferred game modes, they're also always, ALWAYS encouraging new people to join them and I hear wonderful things from our members who take a leap and try something new with them.

We have an application on our website and you can also check out our full recruitment post HERE. Feel free to message me in-game or on our forums (I'm Siscia over there) if you would like more info or just want to chat! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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