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[NA] [International] 2 months old PvX guild is recruiting people!


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About Us

Band of the Unbound [bND] is a newly formed PvX guild. We are currently 10 people from different parts of the world and looking for more friends with diverse backgrounds, time zones, play styles and skill levels etc. If you are interested in building a guild/community from the ground up, you have just opened a right post on the forum.

Guild Activities

As we are a new guild with small number of people, our main guild activity is easy difficulty guild missions. If you are wondering about other activities like dungeon runs, raid runs, Fractal runs, bounties, metas, world completion, achievement hunting, PvP etc. , yes, they in the scope of our future activities. We just need people (maybe you) to coordinate them!

Our current plan is to have 2 time slots for guild activities. One is at APAC (Asia-Pacific) night and the other is at NA (North America) night. All guild activities will be scheduled in those slots.

  • APAC night: [uTC+8] 21:00-23:00 / [uTC-6] 07:00-09:00
  • NA night: [uTC-6] 21:00-23:00 / [uTC+8] 11:00-13:00


We are accepting people from any servers in NA region. Unfortunately, it means WvW will NOT be part of our guild activities because you have to be on a same server to play WvW together. If you want to participate in a WvW community you can join your server's community/Discord for WvW (if there is one) or you can simply find a guild that focus on WvW as the game allows us to join multiple guilds.

Communication Tools

Text chat in game will be our primary communication tool. For out of the game text chat and announcements we ask you to use Discord. Do not worry if you are not familiar with Discord. We will help you set it up! Please understand that we will NOT use voice chat because

  • we want to focus communication on text chat which is universally available to everyone,
  • you can enjoy every part of the game without it,
  • and text communication can be easier for someone who learned English as a second language (like me)

Primary Rules

You are free to do or not to do anything anytime. However you may not break these 3 simple rules.

  • Be respectful of others
  • No religion, politics or other controversial topics
  • No racism, sexism and other form of discrimination (zero-tolerance)


We will start with at least 2 officers (plus me) to make quick decisions to start things up, while adding more roles (maybe specialized ones) and sharing responsibilities with more members as we grow. If you think yourself reasonable and are generally active (e.g. able to the game 2-3 times per week on average) you are qualified for the job!

Decision Making

We want all members to be able to participate in guild management. For that purpose we have the following policies.

  • Any member can make a suggestion or start discussion about any guild matters.
  • A decision is made when more than 2 leader/officers agree on something.
  • All decisions regarding guild activities have to be discussed or announced on the specified Discord (text chat tool) channel.
  • No decision is absolute and all members are encouraged to ask questions or make further discussion if he/she believe it can be beneficial.


Please contact Nanunu.1403 in game or on the guild Discord server.

About Me

I am Nanunu, a returning player who was away from Guild Wars 2 for more than a year. Call me Nanu or whatever you like. I mainly play thief and mesmer for PvE. In PvP I play other classes as well. I have never been good at PvE nor PvP but I really enjoy both of them. Now that I have founded a guild, I also enjoy trying to make it better place for me and you.

I am from Japan which is in UTC+9 time zone. As many of you, I struggle to find time to play the game. So if you want to contact me, sending message on Discord might get you faster response.

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