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[EU] LFGuild (PvX, Casual Player)


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Hello, would you be interested in a social guild with a high focus on voice chat with discord?If so you are welcome to be a part of The Exiled Gentlemen [ExG].We are a smaller based guild with around 50+ active members who does all sort of content together, including Fractals in all different tiers, random Spvp match-ups, Hero point runs for those who need it and we've also recently started doing some raiding with the guild. Almost every week we also run different guild events with different prizes ranging from gold to skins for your character and once a week we also do our guild missions together.We don't enforce but highly recommend all of our members to join our discord for random banter, most evenings we have the number of five to fifteen members on just chatting about. If you are not keen on using voice-chat it might not be the best suit though since the guild chat in-game is not always active if we are all on disc together.The guild consists of both new players to the game and as well people who've played from release, so we do not require any sort of experience in the game to join up.If this sounds appealing to you in any way you are more then welcome to contact me in-game so we can have a chat. All we want from you to join is to be at least 18+Take care

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