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Hi i talked to Gaile Gray just now and i wanted to give you guys some ideasnumber 1: Love interest. In guild wars 2 you see love happening all the time, Kasmeer and Marjory, Logan and Jennah, Caithe and Faolin. and it came to me. Why does the commander not get any loving? just putting that out there.Number 2: Jackal Skin. I was playing my ranger a little and i had my Sylvan hound. and then i rode my jackal then came the idea of having a Sylvari hound Jackal Skin.Number 3: gear skins. I had an idea for like cape/cloak skins for the back armor pieces. i also had an idea of a Flail skin for the mace. (one that wasn't the Super Adventure mace skin.) As well as maybe some Armor Based on the actual medieval times? like Gothic Plate or Templar armor. etc.Number 4: Guardian's health. even though i managed to get like 27,975 health on my guardian i got sick and tired of people saying "HOW THE F**K DID YOU DO THAT?" So i thought that maybe bumping up the guardian's health points a bit wouldn't be a bad idea.and finally number 5: i was thinking on a Elite Specialization for the Guardian Called Crusader. which uses Auras to not only aid them in combat but to aid their allies. (The signet of Mercy aura is what i was thinking of) it helps a lot with healing but why not with other stuff? and maybe with the special weapon for the "Crusader" Class maybe give the ability to have a polearm in one hand with a shield or an offhand in the other? like a Spear of some sort.Thanks and i hope this finds it's way. You can contact me back with my E-mail address darkassassin408@gmail.comthanks again, and Keep up the good work with the game.

  • Love Emmyrson Tradarian.-P.S. i forgot to mention that maybe the insignia for the Crusader could be something like a Templar cross. or something royal.^_^
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