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Got a Question about Account tranfering

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ok so hi their hopefully someone can help me here, i have a moderately great gaming pc plays GW2 pretty good only go it last year the last of its type still with Windows 7 as the operating system O.o so in a couple months to 5 years when this thing dies i'll be moving to a Mac (oh and i friggin hate Apple products with a passion BUT....) i do not support what Windows 10 is (malware 10 is what i call it) will i be able to access my account on the mac os or is my 8000+ hours over the last 5 year of play wasted?

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:You can play your account on any computer able to handle the client, be it Windows or Mac. You would need to download the Mac client, and then log in using your credentials.

Good luck.

great thank you for the information, i was a little worried because of the two different operating systems and the question was really influenced by the fact that a console mmo and it pc equivalent can't support the same account transfers

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