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Hey all!

I am looking to get back into GW2. I was an avid Guild Wars player, and when GW2 came out I played a lot as well, got tier 3 cultural on my main (warrior), got twilight, 100% map completion on a few characters, rank 40 something pvp, and so on. Then a lot of stuff seemed to come out at once and I stopped playing. I own both expansions, beat the story for HoT, and working of PoF now (need to work on my mastery levels though). I would like to get more into FotM and raids.

I am currently on Yaks Bend (that can change), and I am looking for a VERY active guild, doesn't need to be big, but looking for people to hang out with on Discord while I play. Let me know! Thanks!

ps. I did post this on reddit a while back, but had little interests in the responses that I received.

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we're a very active guild, esp on Discord during the day since all of us are adults with full time jobs and/or kids.our active time is around 7pm CST until midnight, and later for some night owls as well as aussies/kiwis from other time zones.on a low night, there are usually 9-10 people in different voice channels.we run a bit of everything so consider ourselves a PvX guild. everything is on a casual scale with a touch of sPvP and focus on training fractals to get everyone to higher tiers.we got lots of compliments lately cuz the influx of new and old players just clicked and we run lots of stuff ranging from dungeons, open world contents like farming Istan for fun, achieves, stories, etc. my schedule is tight. so i let my officers handle trainings and/or others who are experienced and patient enough to host. otherwise my own training runs are on Sundays, sometimes back to back depend on the amount of players. i also run hp trains for both expansion maps.for more info, you could find out here: https://www.reddit.com/r/guildrecruitment/comments/7u0gj4/napvxintense_pleasure_mmm_chill_guild_lfm/

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