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[EU] [PvE] Looking For A Raiding Guild


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Hello everyone! My name is Dario and I'm 22.

As the discussion title says, I'm looking for a guild to start raiding with. I'm a power Holosmith main, with full ascended equipment. My available raiding hours (Basically when I'm online.) are from around 8/9 PM CET to around 12/1/2 AM CET, from Monday to Friday (Possibly even Sunday.).

I don't have much raiding experience on GW2 (I did however raid on other games with static teams for a good amount of time.). I know it's not much, but I'm willing to improve, learn tactics and get better. If you think that I might be good for your guild, then please contact me in game (Nemyne.5729), on Discord (Etci#0155), or on this post. Thank you very much, have a great day!

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