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[SUGGESTION] Misplaced Traits

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Hey, I've been thinking about some specializations and the traits that feel kinda out of place in particular lines. Thief's "Swindler's Equilibrium" is an offensive trait and would be better in an offensive spec, Deadly Arts for example. Deadly Arts major traits are quite mediocre or very conditional: "Panic Strike" is only useful for PvP, WvW or condi build, "Revealed Training" is good but only if u get revealed often, which you only do when playing daggers. "Swindler's Equilibrium" would make a good addition there and maybe get sword a little closer to a viable choice in PvE, beside staff or daggers. To make room, "Deadly Trapper" and "Trapper's Respite" could be merged together. Second example in thief's specs is "Leeching Venoms". It's out of the stealth theme of Shadow Arts and could be very useful for boosting thief's support capability, namely with Basilisk and Skelk Venoms. Nowadays it's not being used because both Shadow Arts and Acrobatics are defensive specializations, and because of this are not used in PvE. It's been like this for a long time and I think defensive specs won't be picked in PvE, even when they contain a trait that's more offensive or useful for meta. Last example is Druid's "Grace of the Land", an offensive boost in a spec wholly dedicated to healing and rather defensive support. I think it's a big reason why people always want a Druid to be a healer, despite Revenant or Ele healers. Cheers.

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