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[NA][PvE] Now Im Free [SAUL] Looking to form EXP Raid Static


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What we are looking for:

Now Im Free [sAUL] is a new guild looking for members experienced in Raiding that want to be part of a static team devoted to getting 1 shot clears on all bosses W1-4 as well as W5 progression. We expect you to know all the W5 encounter for your primary class, we do NOT mean W5 training.

We will be using "speed clear strats", not pug strats, for all encounters and expect you to be familiar with said strat. Examples: All mid Carin, Mid strat Deimos, Center strat no green VG, ect.

We expect that you will be in voice chat for raids so you can receive feedback and hear callouts. (Discord)

Most of all, we expect that you are receptive of feedback and are able to recognize and improve on you mistakes.

Core Raid Times: TBD, Aiming for 2 days, 3 hrs per day to ensure for enough time for a full clear starting out.

How to apply: If you want to join, please message Tweedy#7627 on discord with a PM and we will discuss the next steps. Or mail Tweedy.4170 in game.

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