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@Devs Returning Player Feedback: Deadeye Kneel, Fractal Pug Difficulty, World Boss Tracking.

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Hello, this is my first time giving feedback about the state of the game, and I wanted to organize my thoughts into three subsections, all entirely unrelated, but equally relevant in regards to how important these issues are to myself personally. I played the original Guild Wars 2 Vanilla in 2012, and just returned to the game a few months ago. GW2 support helped me recover my original account (as I had forgotten my character names/password after all these years). I recently also purchased both Xpacs. I'm glad to be back in the game, and wanted to give my feedback as pertaining to these three issues.

• #1 - Deadeye (Kneel Mechanic)I've come to really enjoy Deadeye as an archetype, but there are some persistent issues with the way the game is designed for constant movement and ability dodging, and how Deadeye's kneel mechanic creates an issue or clash of design principles within the profession itself.

From what I've gathered, kneel is a mechanic that is often canceled by being dazed/stunned in the middle of combat, you have to constantly re-initiate the ability in movement intensive fights. It is not rewarding for the amount of annoyance/difficulty kneeling causes in fights with incredible amount of abilities to dodge, for instance the Twilight Oasis fractal. Not only that, kneel requires an exorbitant amount of initiative if you have it talented (3 points) every time you use it. Instead of being able to pick off a target, cancel kneel, and re-kneel in a new location, you're often initiative starved, making it a clunky and awkward mechanic. Having to constantly reposition with kneel wouldn't be an issue in PvE if it didn't cost anything to activate it. This creates a problem where if you're having to dodge constantly, or knocked out of a kneeling position, you're sacrificing precious initiative you could be using for damage, and instead wasting it on repositioning. Based on what I've seen, double pistols p/p with Deadeye is much more effective when it comes to consistent damage, and it's much more mobile to boot.

• #2 - Fractal Pug DifficultyCertain fractals seem to be rather difficult for pugs to pull of their varied mechanics, causing unneeded irritation. The fractals that I will list below are incredibly frustrating with a poorly organized group, or a group which is unfamiliar, or unable to effectively dodge or avoid certain abilities or perform certain tasks required of the fight itself, or put the boss where it needs to be to do damage to it.

AetherbladeTwilight OasisCaptain Mai Trin BossUnderground Facility

I don't believe Fractals should be a stepping stone to raids, but I could see why others would want them to be that way. I personally believe Fractals should have a very high success rate for all players, even those who might have physical disabilities.

Allowing for a 5% damage increase, and 5% defense increase for every legitimate wipe (not /gg) would allow for pug groups who are struggling in a T1-T3 Fractal to be able to complete the content, thus slowly learning the mechanics without fear of being constantly wiped over and over and getting no where. This wouldn't apply for T4 Fractals, where you should be skilled at what you're doing.

Also allowing for more definitive clues as to how mechanics work, or allowing an in-game preview or guide of boss mechanics would help players who struggle with understanding certain mechanics.

• #3 - World Boss Tracking.This will be a very brief statement. There is an unnecessary amount of inconvenience correlated with the current design of world bosses whereby players are discouraged to go out into the game world and engage in fun activities. Players should instead be encouraged to venture forth by making it easier to track events. Imagine going to a camp in real life where none of the activities are properly advertised by the company/outfit that owns the premises, and instead you have to do third party research to discover where the events will be held, and at what times; I.E. Horseback riding, swimming, where, and what time the band will be playing, ect. No one would want to go to that camp because of poor management. Likewise, you should provide players with an inbuilt game menu akin to "GW2timer" which allows players who aren't tech savvy an ample way to find the correct waypoints, and track world boss events on their own. Newer players and veterans alike could more easily adventure into the world and join their comrades on world boss slaying adventures if such a menu was implemented into the game's natural UI.

Thank you for your time.

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