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Condi Weaver Sw/D WvW [Video]


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i gave sword another chance to prove its worth and after still being disappointed about the power damage i went from cele to condi to stack the bs. i started of using krait runes and eartshield and as ES has its use (unblockable pull, aura, barrier) and in general another touch in gameplay i noticed the real burst is with burns and SoF. so balthasar runes it was. you kinda get the in and out gameplay they hoped for carried by regen.

Build: https://tinyurl.com/CondiWeaverI


Build: Krait Runes + Earth Shieldhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipKtXrxwbdo&t=1s

Note that even with those tanky stats u can survive outmanned vs +1 builds only for so long.dropping water line for earth line (212) made the survival a tiny bit worse (way less than u think) but added a lot in burst as u get ur bleed dura and condi dmg up. barrier on dodge trait than stuffed a lot of condis.

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