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[NA] LF 2 multiclass players to fill vacancies in long-time raid static


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About Us

  • We raid Tuesday/Thursday afternoons, 4:45-6:45PM PST. (Occasional, optional extracurricular raids)
  • Currently working on Dhuum; still looking to do Sam/Deimos CMs. (SH CM done)
  • Flexible, multiclass players that are active in other game modes, particularly (t4/CM) fractals and WvW.

The core of our group has been together since around the release of Salvation Pass, around 2 years or thereabouts. We're all 18+ (this wasn't always the case) and most of us are students or people with full-time jobs and families. Most of us have Legendary Armor; some are working on set 4. We can be a social bunch, and our time together has basically made all of us mutual friends, but we try to balance Getting Things Done with enjoying our time together. We try hard, but aren't strict on meta to an unreasonable degree. We tend to clear up to Dhuum every week - if we're working on progression, we usually drop w3 and might make it up later if there's interest.

What We're Looking For

We're looking for flexible players that are fairly comfortable in a raid environment. We have all the key support roles filled already, but we definitely welcome anyone that's able to banners/druid/chrono on occasion to give our regulars a break. We're looking for consistent players that actively play the game - ideally people who seek to better themselves and aren't afraid to expand their class repertoire over time.

  • Multiclass: particularly those that can harrier druid. You don't have to have every class geared out in every build, but 2-3 comfort picks is ideal. If you primarily DPS, please have both condi and power setups.
  • Experience: we're looking for people that have cleared up to Dhuum. The big guy himself is optional, but please know the fight, as well as w5 in general.
  • Mechanical comfort: not only mandatory/basic stuff, but optional roles like mushrooms, cannons, etc.
  • Consistency: show up to raids, give forewarning when you can't.
  • Friendliness: you don't have to be a social butterfly, but understand we've been together for quite awhile. We're not looking for toxicity or abrasiveness. Don't be a jerk.
  • Discord: please have a mic. We won't force you to speak, but when poo hits the fan, a mic saves lives.


The requirements I've listed are pretty flexible. In short, I'm looking for competent players that strive for self-improvement. There's no hard LI req - most of us have 750+ at this point. We've had players come and ago, some of whom started with relatively little LI, but it didn't matter: they were skilled players regardless of raid exp that pushed themselves to learn the fights, keep up, and succeed. While more LI is merrier, if you can carry your weight, I'm willing to give you a shot.

If this group sounds like a good fit for you, send me a mail-ingame or whisper me if I'm online and we'll talk.

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