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How does everyone feel about Scourge Group Support?? (PvE/PvP)


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Eyo everyone,I've been a huge fan of the idea of a scourge support, but the more I've played around with it the more I felt a little lack-luster. In my opinion, the factor of a missing "Support Grandmaster Trait" really hits hard. "Sand Savant" has its own problems in my eyes (due to its altering of the shade mechanic) and I think it would be better suited to be a trait that emphasizes barrier. Also, the utility of Punishment skills are well off in the condi department, but lack in the support - aside from Sand Flare. Serpent Siphon is an odd skill, in my opinion, as it relies on multiple enemies to offer a clunky form of support. This skill drops "barrier shards" which work similarly as Ventari tablet shards, but I do not think they last AS long. In my opinion the Serpent Siphon skill should directly target 5 injured allies and grant them a barrier, and revert 1 condition into a boon.( SIDENOTE: It would be really cool if they had tech that allowed an AOE heal to target 1-2 people, but those people were the lowest health players in a given radius - out of all other players. Or, to have single target heals, as seen in Episode 2 of LWS4. They may already have this tech... idk XD)

Sand Savant

  • Grant an additional ammunition charge of a Sand Shade
  • The Life force of the Scourge seeps into the battlefield - casting Desert Shroud grants 200 barrier for allies inside the Shade. (7x pulses)
  • maybe a little something else, because ya know GM Trait. (Revert back to affecting 5 player in PvE/WvW. PvP could have an altered version)

(This would alleviate the devs having to balance Sand Shade with a split mind set of, "Do we focus on the pressure of the LARGE shade, or the clumsiness of the 3 SMALL shades. In PvP, this would allow them to alter the length of time the shades are up, perhaps let them last 12 seconds while feeling a bit more comfortable with casting at least 2. In PvE, it may give them a bit of a boost in the niche "healing" department, and again give them more room to not feel stressed when they have 3 up and none more to place.)

Serpent SiphonSend ghostly serpents to siphon volatile magic from allies(5 lowest health-ed players), while shielding them from damage.

  • Grants a 1,300 barrier
  • Converts 1 Condition to a Boon

I have a few more ideas on Scourge Support, but they are a little rusty or rather need more pruning in my head. I'd love to hear other ideas, maybe even giving a little more support to base necro to compliment Scourge. People's ideas will definitely be different as we all come from differing backgrounds (i.e PvP/PvE/WvW) Just wanna have a chat because I love that they branded Scourge as a supportive spec during the hype of the X-Pac, but it's sad it kinda got lost. TY ^W^

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