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We get the full sitting experience beyond sitting on ground, yet no 'global' cooldown instrument fix

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So we are getting the full sitting experience beyond sitting on the ground, yet we get only half of the listening experience since Anet refuses to give a legitimate reason why they will not address the 'global' cooldown issue on the in-game instrument notes when each note should have its own 'local' cooldown. That makes absolutely no sense since sitting and listening go together quite well.

If I had to choose one or give up one over the other, listening to music in-game over sitting in chairs (we were sitting on the ground before, anyway), music wins and should have been prioritized a long time ago. But for the sake of argument, to pit the two against each other, chairs or music, sitting in chairs is a globally done thing on a daily basis just like listening to music is a globally shared enjoyment on a daily basis. The verdict? Both are very close to equal.

Some of you reading this thread may think addressing the instrument issue is 'trivial', and that's fine, because I strongly believe the same way about merely sitting in a chair since you cannot really entertain other players in-game by sitting, unless you're trying to entertain only yourself by imagining yourself as your character, and then stroking your own ego. Just sayin'.

Look, sitting on 1,400+ chairs throughout the game is awesome, but so is sitting and listening to music, especially if chair skins (coded like mounts) become sold in the Gem Store players can sit on anywhere they want. It is long overdue for the 'global' cooldown issue to be addressed on the instruments.

Having a cooldown is one thing, but a 'global' cooldown on instrument notes is ridiculous, for example, where E Major goes on cooldown on the lowest octave (blue), and then E Major also goes on cooldown on octave 2 for mid notes (green) and on octave 3 (red) for high notes.

There are many songs we can tab in just 3 octaves without sharps or flats, yet because your sound team refuses to lessen the cooldown restriction on the instruments, we either cannot play them, that or we have to spend a lot of time watering them down for playability when rewriting the original sheet notes of the music we want to play in-game.

Even some slow songs with heavy-ish chords are not playable, for example, Cowboy Bebop - Piano Bar. All this cooldown restriction does it limit our creativity.

We are NOT asking you, Anet, to unlock the instruments to such degree where thousands of notes can be played per second in the event someone decided to use a script to troll players, to annoy other players, or to possibly crash an entire Map. IF not to remove cooldown completely, we are asking you, Anet, to give us a little more room to play what we we want to play by making each instrument note have their own cooldown. You can do it with skills, so why not music notes?

Even if each note has its own cooldown, that would still combat some of the 'annoyance' or 'map crash' factor people argue (in the event someone runs a script playing 100 notes a second), meaning those low notes, middle notes and high notes can only be pressed a certain number of times until they go on cooldown. Even then, the instruments will still not be 100% unlocked, but it would still help us in the musician community.

Furthermore, the musician community has even pitched the idea to set every players' instrument volume either to OFF by default or to 2-5% volume by default (audible enough to hear but not to annoy so much), and you still refuse to fix the cooldown on instruments. There are solutions to the 'annoyance' problems, and still, no update for the instruments we love to play.

P.S. Our other biggest pet peeve throughout the GW2 musician community is the fact we have no access to sharps and flats that should be on two different skill bars on top of the existing skill bar, one on top of the other (one additional skill bar specifically for flats, and the other, for sharps) where we can map each key to hotkeys, yet before even thinking about adding flats and sharps, the cooldown restrictions need to be lessened first.

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