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|WvW/NA/Crystal Desert| Kings Guard Alliance PST WEST COAST BEST COAST Recruiting!

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We are a WvW guild mainly focused on fights, we vary our raids between private/open/tagless and focus on fights as much as possible. Trying a T3 keep hoping for EWP to go off as you get inside inner is always a good time though! We just want to improve as a group, we are by no means "Hardcore" but we still take the fights seriously.-We require Discord for raids and our coordination-No kitten behavior, but also have some thick skin. Am I asking too much? We generally take friendly jabs at eachother many of us been playing together well over a year now-Be able to gear up to guild builds, I try to work with what people want to play as much as i can to make something work as a part of our comp with certain reason

We are curently running 10-18 depending on the day, Current raids Sat-Monday with back up driver 7pm PST. And Wed/Thurs with myself 7pm PST.Currently on the recruiting list:-Weavers x 2-3-Daredevil x 2-FB<-Herald<-Spellbreaker<-Scourge

Can PM me in game with any questions!

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