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[EU] Members Of The Yellow Snow [sNow] its up & running(new guild)


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Members Of The Yellow[sNow] its now up & running!! [EU] we are a new guild and our main goal is to grow together, make cool videos on youtube, communicate on discord, making Friday nights fun, go for a jumping puzzle together,or a guild mission or maybe do some champion runs, hide and seek, dungeons, fractals of the mist, raids, players vs players, world vs world, map completion, living world, and so much more!!

of course, on the competitive side we also want to focus! so..as we keep growing we want to form a strong team and leader for pvp,a leader and dedicated members for wvw.and also a couple of leaders to lead the raids.

this guild came from an idea that everything we want its possible,we just need to take action!i wanted to create a place for everyone in this gamefor simply having more fun.?motysnow.shivtr.com/

Recruiting members that got the experience and want to become a part of this guild as a leaders or officers(18+) Mail me at: motysnow@gmail.com

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