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[NA] [PVX] [ZOM] [EXP/Training Raids][SPvP/WvW Tarnished Coast]


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Zaishen Order of Misfits [ZOM] is a 18+ NA guild looking for active players to join us.We are a hardcore guild with a focus on raids. We also offer PvP and WvW activities as well as weekly guild events

Discord- We use discord as our voice application, and a place to keep all our important information. This is a required part of joining [ZOM]

RAIDS- New and Experienced raiders are welcome to learn and play in a productive environment, where we encourage everyone to improve. We offer training runs, semi-clears, and a static group for guild members to take part in.

WvW and SPvP-These game modes are great for ways to grow and improve as a player. If you are interested in pvp we have members that will actively play with you. If you are interested in WvW we are Tarnished Coast.

Our Guild schedule are as followed:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y1zI0b9hA5PDaCugxsj3rdFAnfmCLkmW/view?usp=sharing

For an invite Kindly fill out the application form link below:https://goo.gl/forms/YNkTceYOcs2DVrQ62

DISCLAIMER This application above is not used for shortlisting individuals, but to assist us in gathering information about the content you enjoy so we can get you involved.

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