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[EU| PvX] The Jolliest of Cooperation [SUN] is that among friends.


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Ahoy me hearties!

The Jolliest of Cooperation [sUN] is a recently founded guild, and we're looking for more friends! My goal is to create a welcoming and friendly place for anyone who wants to join our tight-knit group of raggedy adventurers, because ultimately the jolliest of cooperation is that among friends. We don't have any particular requirements other than being friendly, respecting others, and doing your best. Ultimately we've all been new to the game at some point, and we're hoping that you'll join and grow together with us.

At some point down the line I'm looking to start up raids, but we're not quite there yet. When we get to that point, the goal will ultimately be the same, we're not hardcore veterans that know everything, and we don't expect that from you either. We're here to have fun and to learn together.

It looks like we be off the edge of the map and adventure be ahead! If you wish to join us in our adventures, then shoot me a message (or a mail) in-game at [Dojan.3684], we'd be delighted to have you join us!

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