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Looking for an EU guild for raids & PvE


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Hey all,

I'm a student based in the UK and I have been playing Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 since I was 11 (I am 20 next month).I've been playing the game alone and PuG'ing for a few years now since my old friends left and I've realised it's getting a bit lonely .I'm really keen on learning the raids, the ones I've done so far are fun but I'm finding it difficult to find groups which accept someone with 3 Legendary Insights :#I have both discord & teamspeak.I am eager to find other people who really enjoy the game and does organised raid events plus other PvE related things and are willing to help me learn alongside them.I have a full ascended DPS Ele (my main :3 ) and a full ascended viper's mirage, as well as all other 7 professions (not fully geared though).Please let me know if you think I'd be a good addition to your guild.


James (Aierran in-game)

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