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Post Lobby Rewards


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I found myself in a neck to neck game this morning where a lone soul decided to throw everything to the wind and go for the lord. We were at first angry but he won us the game. I decided to honor his bravery and willingness to go against the odds ( including our best wishes ) and do what he thought was right - I sent him 1 g. Then it came to me: would it be interesting to have an option post game to give offerings of honor to those we see who make the best plays in the game? Maybe it ties in with a kneeling animation and allows us to donate ascended glory / or gold in ranked games and further giving incentive for those in our games to perform better. I know it could have some farming saturation issues in terms of donating ascended glory so maybe that's not a good idea. But, in any case, it felt good sending the guy 1g knowing he deserved it.

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