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[EU][PvE] The Exiled Gentlemen | UK/EU Main Social Guild looking for social members! (18+)

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Morning, Evening or Afternoon

We are The Exiled Gentlemen; a Discord (voice) heavy, social guild that plays primarily PvE content but has a strong foothold in sPvP.

We are a voice chat social guild that likes to promote voice chat and general "banter" within a safe community, where you can speak your mind with little scrutiny and engage with many like minded players of the game. Voice chat/Discord is our main medium of communication and we expect members to often come on for a chat and get to know everyone !

We raid on Mondays and Thursdays with Monday being our "training raid" for raiders and members willing to learn the mechanics and hone and fine tune your skills. On the other hand Thursdays we clear a couple wings and progress through the raid content as much as we can. If you are looking for a place to begin raiding we can easily accommodate you and promote a chill relaxed environment to raid.

We run Guild missions and often have mini-events with prizes throughout the week (primarily Sundays) and offer a wide range of daft content for everyone to come join.

We accept members of all skill levels from Newbies to Toxic Elitest, all are welcome. We do not discriminate and welcome men, women and Apache Helicopters from all walks of life.

We also dabble in some Youtube, streaming and media content, and will happily expand our retinue of talented members, if you are that way inclined.

Anyhow if you are interested feel free to whisper us in game ^

Look forward to hearing from you.

The Assasin Xx.2198 Divcdk.8402

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