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Current Events / Living Season Ideas I've been pondering

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So I've been thinking about this since Joko's attacks near the main cities. What if Anet were to do something similar to the attack on Lion's Arch but instead make all racial home cities EXCEPT Lion's Arch come under attack? Here me out, The Asura that you get the tracking device from could say, oh I think we have a solution, we are going to implement it in/around LA to test it's effects, and it works..but just then reports come in of a mass scale attack on the racial home cities with no time to implement the portal blocks...they could set up events tailored to each race, say saving the queen, maybe rallying the norn for a counter attack possibly even evoke some spirits of the wild, you could stand from the war room and direct troops @ the black citadel or even better, gain access to the war machines (who hasn't wanted that), maybe the pale tree has recovered enough to help you create natural vine walls and maybe implement that spidey move from draconis mons & call on some druid spirits, there could be achievements for each map and maybe some titles like in GW1 (legendary defender of where ever etc...) I think this would be awesome, you could see refugees pouring in from them to LA and even ebonhawke could see invasions from the branded that break through the gate...It would definitely be something for people who missed the attack on lion's arch to get to experience and get the same feeling it created. :) Okay, thanks for reading, I've been sitting on this idea for months and had to finally share. I personally would love it! Jenna might have to fire up those watchknights again! [pardon all the grammar errors I'm sure are in here]

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