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Requiem Of The Saints [HOLY]

Arram Retep.5273

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Hey All!

The Requiem of The Saints is an up-and-coming guild looking for new active members to join our fast growing family! We are a NA based Guild. We focus on PvE, some PvP, but overall mentoring new and returning players. If you think you would be a good mentor or perhaps need some mentoring or perhaps you just want a cool guild family to be able to chill with then this is the Guild for you! We have also just claimed our Guild Hall recently. Now is the perfect time to join and become a part of that growing hall and become an original member!

What we have:

  • Newly Claimed Guild Hall
  • Generous Guild Family Growing Everyday
  • An Open Seat For You!

Whisper: Arram Retep.5273 for invite, or if I'm not available then please message our guild officers and they will be able to invite you!Officers:

  • Seikatsu Maho.5928
  • Fenrir.6810
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