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***ATTENTION LATE NIGHT PLAYERS*** [ZzZz] Wants you to come make some GOLD!


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[ZzZz] Nocturnal Overlord.Starting a guild for late night players who are bored...but still want to do group content & get gold.So what is the focus?Our focus will be on Dungeon running.....hear me out!

I usually log on and do my dailies and Fractals and Raid's....then, the rest of the night, I am sitting around in Lion's Arch, bored as kitten, dying my armor for 3 hours when I would rather be in a group speed running dungeon's and making GOLD.SO! I am looking for as many late night players who would like to make really good use of their time to max out GOLD PER HOUR played. No rep, no drama, just the GRIND. Because......WTH else are you doing right now???

If you are interested; Send me an in-game mail @ Eldermash.5134 and let's get together and make dat munny!

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