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Looking for Guild: Gandara (Europe) PVE, little bit of PVP.


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Hi I've been playing GW2 since launch. I use to have a guild with a bunch of people I talked to for a while but since then have been having a hard time finding an active guild with a bunch of friendly people who stick around long enough. I mostly do PVE and event stuff, I would like to do more Dungeons, Fractles and eventually start Raids. I haven't PVP'd in a long time but I also have an interest in it same goes for WvW. I have a friend who comes on occationally mostly around events but I also like playing in my spare time between Uni stuff but it gets a little boring when I'm alone a lot of the time.

I'm an English speaker, home server is Gandaran (Europe). I'm kinda shy but I have used discord and TS before to talk to guildmates I just need to get to know people first haha. As mentioned I'm in uni so there are times I'm a little inactive during projects, lectures and busy periods but I'll be back during free time (Summer is comming up for me).

It would be nice if I can find an active guild full of friendly players to insentivise me to play more again so I hope there is a guild out there for me.

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