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Tyrian Mystical Tours [PORT]

Mysty Meadows.1425

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Tyrian Mystical Tours [PORT] is recruiting fun loving, helpful Mesmers that like to have fun, and do things together! We port at jump puzzles, and wherever ports are needed. +230 members (Yes all Mesmers) Max Guild Hall, Discord chat and more. Working on RAID teams, we run MP/HP runs in AB/TD/VB, lead event trains and more. If having a good time and being part of guild is your goal, PORT has a home for you.

We ask a few things in return.

Ours is a friendly guild. We believe in helping others, members and players alike. We have a few rules, and we hope you can agree to follow them. If you can, you could have a home here

Rule #1: We never charge for porting. BUT, taking tips is up to you.Rule #2: Whenever you are porting at a daily jump puzzle, you MUST display our Guild Tag.Rule #3: Keep Disagreements and arguments OUT of Guild And Discord Chats.Rule #4: Keep language world readable in Guild chat. We have members of various ages and sensibilities. Please be respectful of each other.

That’s it, pretty simple right? So what do you think? Ready to join us? If so speak to any member in PORT, they can get you an invite.

~ Mysti ShadowcasterLeader: Tyrian Mystical Tours [PORT]

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