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EU Level 80 revenant player LF Small-Medium PVE guild.

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I currently only play revenant and im looking for a small guild that does or wants to look into doing raids. I do command HoT meta events every day/every other day, i also command daily world boss runs when i can. Please pm me ingame with info (RoseGamer.2546)

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Hey, Rose!If you happen to be on NA, my Guild might interest you.We are a medium size guild with a solid core group of around 45 people.We do training raids for people that have little experience in it and want to learn more. We also have a bunch of other PvE events like PvP tournament, fractal progression, Guild Missions and we have a hang out night for everyone to bound and get to know each other.We value respect and organization.I'll leave a link to our website in case you want to check us out.Thephantomrose.weebly.comFeel free to mail me in game any time if you have further questions or would like an invite.

Have a good day/night and may your steps be relentless! :D

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