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Found Cantha music piece released on April 4th...

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Found my own answer it's based on 2 old pieces of art from Factions but the music is new.Here's the story:Backer Martin Boizvert sent me two pieces of concept art by Danial Dociu for the game Guild Wars factions. Each one represents the living place of two cultures, both from the region of Cantha that was devastated 200 years ago by a great calamity. Both images are extremely detailed and striking which helped inform my playing, he also provided me with a bit of background on each of the two cultures. First, the Kuzrick, are a Gothic artistic people who took the forest and transformed it into a monument to the Gods they worship. That lead to the the almost pious nature of the improvisation when it’s centered around the Kuzrick. I imagined their worship rituals as I looked at the sprawling architecture. The Luxon found a way to make the sea their home, rather than moving to the forest. Even though the sea was turned to Jade, they still in a way, were living in an ocean. The portion of the song devoted to the Luxon, very much reflects that. Towards the end of the song there is a brief return to the Kuzrick theme to acknowledge the connection between these two groups and their shared ancestry.

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