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[NA][WvW][Tarnished Coast] Dissentient [DIS] is a fight-minded guild looking for new additions.


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Dissentient [DIS] is one of the longest standing guilds on Tarnished Coast with a deep history rooted in WvW. We are looking for new and veteran players alike who seek a fight-minded guild aimed at collecting bags and finding fights.

We utilize discord for voice and text communication and strongly suggest that our members use it during raids and other events.

We raid 4 times a week with the current schedule as follows:

  • Friday: 9:30p EST -- Reset Raid.
  • Sunday: 8:00p EST -- Fight-prioritized Raid.
  • Tuesday: 8p EST -- Casual Raid.
  • Wednesday: 8p EST -- Pop-up Raids when able.
  • Thursday: 8p EST -- Havoc when able.

Reset raid video:

Come get Bubble Ruq'd with [DIS]

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/wtCcDmk

PM me with any questions on Reddit or in-game at Ruq.5396 or on Discord at Ruq#2368

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