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[Build Help] Fractals Healer - Recent patch (5/8/2018)


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With today patch, would this build be good on Fractals T4?


key changes:

  • Healer’s Retribution: Increased the duration of the retaliation granted by this trait from 5 seconds to 8 seconds. This trait will no longer trigger when Mantra of Solace is cast; the player will continue to gain retaliation when using the subskills.

How much DPS would I lose compared with DPS meta builds (Both DH and FB)?

Its been a while that I don't play (few months), I got bored playing meta builds, but I don't want to pull my party down just to play different.

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Honestly it was fine before if you weren't doing a speed clear, the healing was already amazing. People may still be salty about it though cause your damage, even with retaliation crit, will still be poop compared to what it could be with the standard builds.

I see nothing that changed that will make this https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Quickness_Support_Healer any more viable which is basically what you're going for with a few tweaks.

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